Foggy Sunday Morning

To be honest I just took Leica M8 with Summicron 50mm which my fiancé bought from my dad and I was naive enough to think that I will take loads of good pictures and then.... battery died. It's good to be spontaneous.. but not when the battery is not charged.. Here goes- 2 out of 10 images.. not bad for beginning though :) 

Here I tried to apply Henry Cartier Bresson's technique- taking pictures of situations happening just in certain distance. 


spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round, at the end of a handle. And this one is my favourite.

Visiting Ann WIberg

Hello guys. I would like to share with you few moments spent with a great danish fashion designer- Ann Wiberg.  She is absolutely inspiring person and we are very grateful she gave us little bit of her precious time.  

Lei Foo Jewelry

Here we go again! I finally settled down here in Copenhagen and there are some very interesting projects I am running right now with few of my new friends. I'd love to share my visit of Lei Foo Jewelry with you. It is a great work of young jewellery designer- Lei Foo with whom we met for nice cup of coffee and a little talk. So here is a little of LeiFoo world. 


Reptile Youth getting crazy

Yes, Reptile Youth made a pretty nice show at Vanguard- and I was close to Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen when he jumped to the crowd of people who just barely coped with the singer climbing on them. But they did a great job and he kept singing no matter what :)

Distortion '14

It passed already a few weeks since the great music festival Distortion filled our streets in Copenhagen and I had an opportunity to be a part of this crazy atmosphere at least for a while, so here I bring some taste of it. 

Best Pizza

Hi guys!

I am opening this blog with a few photos from one of the best pizza place I ever ate. And beside that all they treat people very kindly so I was allowed to take some pictures :P