Brains at work

The Glass Factory again gathered amazing, creative scientists, artists and masters of blowing glass. I had the pleasure to witness Jane’s, Shelley’s and Peter’s spontaneous brainstorming using whatever was at hand. <3


You know the feeling when you stay in one room for way too long and everything that you are thinking about becomes that weirdly tangible, unsolvable substance that gets under your ceiling like a helium balloons and you just can't get rid of it...?! I needed a walk. 

The story of my ice-cream

So I had this ice-cream that I was very proud of as you can see... but apparently I didn't know how to eat this particular one, so it ended up on the ground so other creatures of Brooklyn can enjoy it too. That happened.

Foggy Sunday Morning

To be honest I just took Leica M8 with Summicron 50mm which my fiancé bought from my dad and I was naive enough to think that I will take loads of good pictures and then.... battery died. It's good to be spontaneous.. but not when the battery is not charged.. Here goes- 2 out of 10 images.. not bad for beginning though :) 

Here I tried to apply Henry Cartier Bresson's technique- taking pictures of situations happening just in certain distance. 


spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round, at the end of a handle. And this one is my favourite.

Visiting Ann WIberg

Hello guys. I would like to share with you few moments spent with a great danish fashion designer- Ann Wiberg.  She is absolutely inspiring person and we are very grateful she gave us little bit of her precious time.  

Lei Foo Jewelry

Here we go again! I finally settled down here in Copenhagen and there are some very interesting projects I am running right now with few of my new friends. I'd love to share my visit of Lei Foo Jewelry with you. It is a great work of young jewellery designer- Lei Foo with whom we met for nice cup of coffee and a little talk. So here is a little of LeiFoo world. 


Reptile Youth getting crazy

Yes, Reptile Youth made a pretty nice show at Vanguard- and I was close to Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen when he jumped to the crowd of people who just barely coped with the singer climbing on them. But they did a great job and he kept singing no matter what :)

Distortion '14

It passed already a few weeks since the great music festival Distortion filled our streets in Copenhagen and I had an opportunity to be a part of this crazy atmosphere at least for a while, so here I bring some taste of it.